Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I am Baaacck

So Jim called me up this evening and guilt tripped me into ensuring that my blog does not die a premature death (“Hey Bharath, what’s up? Long time, no blog). Given that I am just about ready to hit the sack **yaaawn**, I figured that a good way to go would be to dispense with the customary navel gazing and blog about something that doesn’t require too much thinking – a much delayed addendum to my previous post. So what (else) makes you realize you’re in Silicon Valley?
  • Where else in the country do you have sports stadiums that are named the McAfee Coliseum, HP Pavilion and Monster Park?
  • Advertisement hoardings at the local baseball game plug Genentech, Applied Materials and Juniper Networks.
  • The cable guy shows up for an install, sees that I am Indian and leaves his shoes outside the door without me asking him to do it.
  • Chirayu and I were walking down a non-descript street in Palo Alto looking for the HP garage when this guy who fits the mould of a pizza delivery guy walks up to us and says – “You guys looking for the HP place? There it is, right there.”


Blogger Jim said...

Heh, the HP garage one was hilarious! So lemme know where it is when I make my pilgrimage up there. Every time I lift one of the "old-skool" HP instruments we have at the radar, I think of Bill & Dave :) (as I should... with microwave signal generators weighing in at a ton apiece!)

10:56 PM

Blogger bharath said...

Sure can do. Look fwd to taking you there :)

8:34 PM


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