Sunday, May 21, 2006

How you know you’re in Silicon Valley

Scoble had this post on his blog a couple of days ago. I have a few more to add to this:

  • The ads that precede the “coming attractions” in the local movie hall include plugs for jobs local companies. Also, a sign of the feel good times around here. I would’nt have expected to see this kind of publicity circa 2001.

  • The guy sitting next to me at the coffee shop lifts his (5 month old) baby over the table and goes “Alice, would you like to help daddy read this interesting book on (I didn’t get this part) Computer Science. Some day, you might enjoy reading books like this one... Ok Alice, its time to let daddy finish reading the proof on this theorem.”

  • One of the guys at the coffee shop is walking around wearing a T-shirt advertising Google Earth. It has a satellite image of the planet earth with an accompanying slogan – “4.6 Billion years. Still in Beta?”


Blogger Jim said...

You have me sold, Bharath! Where's my piece of the feel-good pie? :-)

7:28 PM

Blogger trippin101 said...

Ah you missed one.

Pick up the local newspaper and view the real estate ads. Homes are priced well over a million dollars.

4:48 PM


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